Close Simple Process

Close Simple Process

Simple Communication for Busy People

The closing timeline is a simple tool to keep customers notified throughout the closing process from beginning to end. Customers will know the moment their file has been received and opened, when and where the closing will be taking place, what fees can be expected at closing and notification once the file has been successfully closed.

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Step 1

A welcome email is sent to all parties the same day All American Title receives your file. The file will begin the process of getting scheduled and cleared to close.

Step 2

An email containing the closing date, time and location is sent to everyone. With just one touch, the closing date can be added to your calendar.

Step 3

The closing package is received by the AAT closer. The closer will input the final number and submit to the lender for approval.

Step 4

Once the package is received and all parties are notified, the Closing Disclosure Form is prepared, sent and reviewed before the closing date.

Step 5

Congratulations, your closing had been successful! Thank you for using All American's new closing timeline.